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    Happy 40th Anniversary to Us!

    Hello world! Welcome to our brand new website designed by the amazing JSGD. We would like to announce that we are celebrating our 40th anniversary in business! With that accomplishment comes a big thank you to all of our customers past and a present for their faithful following. We are proud to be a family owned and operated business in the historic city of Quincy since 1972. To show our gratitude, receive $40.00 off any custom picture frame order over $150.00 for the next 40 days (May 22nd through July 2nd)!!

    The customers at Frantic Framers are just the greatest. We are so thrilled to continue to offer the best framing solutions to all who visit us. Check out this fantastic poem that one of our customers, Admiral Duck, wrote for us when we moved from Hancock Street to Franklin 3 years ago:

    Frantic Framers thought you should know,
    for those appreciating art,
    here’s where they go.
    Going on thirty-seven years
    and always looking ahead,
    full supplies on hand
    from that fine stroke brush
    to that pretty pastel red.
    Not going to far in saying
    we’re South Shore’s best.
    We have many customers
    Who’ve already tried the rest!
    Ever have that feel
    that there’s art in you?
    Just so happens we have studio art classes too.
    Not stopping there -
    Pictures and photos are held dear,
    let our frames compliment them
    and preserve them year after year.
    Give us a visit -
    Our location is brand new:
    94 Franklin Street, Quincy
    We go to the wall for you!!!”

    Thank you so much again Admiral Duck! And thanks to all of our customers and the City of Quincy! We love you!

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