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Quincy High School Letter Sweater

Project Of The Month: August 2017

Often referred to as “letter” sweater in the 1950’s, this recent project at Frantic Framers belonged to a former Quincy High School student. His son came in wanting to frame this special sweater in memory of his father.

Quincy High School Letter Sweater From The 1950s

Have an idea of something you’d like to frame? If you can think it then we can frame it! Drop it off to us at 94 Franklin St. in Quincy, MA 02169 and we’ll frame your perfect memory.


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Framed Travel Souvenirs

Framed Travel Souvenirs

Project Of The Month: July 2017

Traveling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

A customer came in after recently visiting Italy to see old relatives. They came into Frantic Framers to see if we could frame this travel souvenir belonging to a great grandparent in Italy. Of course, we can!

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Custom Framed Clock Made Out Of Flags

Project Of The Month: June 2017

A customer wanted to honor his military service. He dropped these Army Division patches off with us at Frantic Frantic Framers and asked can we arrange them so as to be a working clock. Of course, we can!

Completed Custom Framed ClockCustom Framed Clock

Custom Framed Clock



Custom Framing Project: Vintage Kitchen Tools

Image for Custom Framing Project: Vintage Kitchen Tools

Custom Framing Project Of The Month: Kitchen Tools

This month’s custom framing project of the month is kitchen tools!

We framed these vintage kitchen utensils that were sentimental to our client into something uniquely special to our customer to hang on their walls for the next generation to appreciate.

Custom Framing Kitchen Tools

Kitchen Tools Framing

Framed Kitchen Utensils

Since 1972, we have had a lot of unusual items, but we want more!

If you can think it, then we can frame it! So bring it on and stop into Frantic Framers in Quincy and let us frame your memories to last a lifetime!