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Frame Your Memories

What would you save if you could only retrieve a few items from your home? Statistics show most people would grab at least one family photo. Our collective memories are imprinted in our brains, no doubt, but just holding an image in our hands brings forth a surge of reflective memories. Material images are a representation of all the nonmaterial things that exist within us. They offer peace of mind, and more importantly give a sense of who we are and where we come from.

Framing those memories is what picture framing is all about at Frantic Framers. We have been using the motto “frame your memories” for years. During these trying economic times, we have found that more and more customers are bringing in treasured memories to frame. It’s not the signed lithograph, or original oil painting by a famous artist that are the most popular items to frame, but grandfather’s WWII medals that have been in grandma’s bureau drawer for decades that are held as the most precious. The tickets from the big game become more special when paired with photos of that special day. And memories come alive when old photographs from the past are resurrected in a perfect complimentary mat and frame. Savoring these mementos means more today than ever before. With the ever-increasing surge of technology, it makes it easier to communicate with family who live far away, but nothing can compare to filling your home with images of those you love.

In the Gallery on our website, you will see examples of framed treasures. Peruse photos of our work and you will see why we are so proud to serve our customers no matter what they have to frame! As always, we look forward to preserving your milestones and memories for your homes and future generations to enjoy and cherish!

Testimonial: Mark Robinson

“A recent office renovation served as the catalyst for me getting some framing done that i had been putting off. As I write this testimonial from my office, I’m counting the work that I have had done by Frantic Framers over many years. I have 11 framings in my office done by Frantic! Maybe that fact alone is the best testimonial. The spectrum of projects I have used them for includes diplomas, photographs, governmental appointments and sports memorabilia. My most recent and perhaps most complicated project was a collection of patron badges (some would call tickets) for the Master’s Golf Tournament covering the last 40 years of the tournament. As a loss myself as to how to arrange them in a manner that captures the spirit of one of golf’s annual Major Tournaments, I gave Rick at Frantic complete creative control and he flat out nailed it, I could not be more pleased.

As I said, having 11 pieces done is a testament all by itself. Every time I bring a project to Frantic it is greeted with nothing but enthusiasm. It is clear to me that they work with a true passion for what they do, I find them not so much Frantic as I do fanatical and that is a very good thing. Yes, they are fanatics about framing, in my mind they will always be the premier place to go for framing of the highest caliber.

Looking forward to my next project with them!


Mark S. Robinson, CPA/ABV