Monthly Archives: July 2012

Basic Black

Every woman needs a “little black dress” ready for wear, but when it comes to framing, that little black frame, (which is quite often the go-to solution) can be very lackluster. The great thing about going into a custom frame shop is the opportunity to choose from such a wide variety of framing options that include literally hundreds of colors, textures, and design. The black frame is an easy choice, but it’s not always the right choice for a piece of art or photograph. There are many things that should be measured when choosing a frame. Wall color, interior furnishing, and the scale and architecture of a room should be considered. After consulting with a framer don’t be afraid to explore all the possibilities.

For example, this plain black frame certainly works for this beach photograph, but another frame such as the one below could make this picture sing. The rough texture of this rock frame echoes the natural beach landscape in the image, and also creates depth. The material used is reminiscent of something one would actually find at the beach, which creates an atmosphere far beyond what a simple black frame could ever do.

In 2012, the black frame comes in so many interesting finishes that the narrow simple profile will soon be an antiquated choice. A newer approach would be to forget the description “black”, and consider the “dark” frame instead. Espresso, deep brown, and charcoal gray are colors that are more in line with today’s home. Even that very first picture frame, the plain black thin metal one that hung a treasured band poster can be reinvented with a textured hammered finish metal frame, adding new dimension and visual interest.